Creamed flower Honey Bee Pollen With 3% Organic Natural 7,4 oz 250g


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Creamed flower Honey Bee Pollen With 3% Organic Natural 7,4 oz 250g


Our bees collect nectar in the Freudenberg area and pollen in the Bogen area in the municipality of Oberhelfenschwil.Arrived in the beehive, nectar and pollen are converted into the finest blossom honey and high-quality pollen, which are carefully harvested and preserved, and processedGolden

Greek Land – honey is the perfect food!We stir the blossom honey creamy and enrich it with bee pollen and royal jelly.All of the building blocks of an efficient and high-performance energy dispenser can be found in this concentrated power of nature.

Creamed flower Honey Bee Pollen Premium Quality
  • Golden Greek Land  naturally protects you and your beloved ones with its biologically active bee products with utmost respect to the bee world.
  • 100% Natural & Pure
    Simple mixture of Pollen Honey. No colorants, no additives!
    Unique Taste
    This product is the best way to consume propolis daily with its unique natural taste.
    Golden Greek Land  Bee Pollen Honey is guaranteed to contain at least 2,000 mg/kg antioxidant.
    Healthy Nutrition for Breakfast
    Setting you up for the day with a healthy breakfast, will make you feel good.
  • Assured Product Quality 
    Product quality is assured by enforcing appropriate beekeeping practices at all steps of production in the apiary.
    Assured Food Safety
    In addition, our products are subjected to relevant laboratory analyses to ensure their purity, biological activity levels and compliance with food safety standards.
    How to consume?
    It can be consumed directly, or mixed with food and drinks such as tea, milk, muesli, yoghurt, fruit juice, smoothie of your choice. You can also spread it on toasts.
    It is suggested to consume regularly at least a full teaspoon in the mornings, 15-20 minutes before the breakfast.
    100 g contain approx.
    93% Toggenburger Biili Hung flowering creamy
    5% Toggenburg pollen open-minded
    2% organic royal jelly
    1465 kJ or 350 kcal energy
    6.5 g protein
    82 g carbohydrates
    1.5 g fat
    Golden Greek Land – Honey Concentrated power from nature
    Ingredients: Raw Honey (97%), Propolis Tincture Extract (3%)
    Net Wt: 7.4 oz.(250g) 212ml
    Storage Conditions: Room temperature (Approx. 22 °C / 72 °F)
    Shelf Life: 36 months


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