Bee Pollen Fresh 250gr


Pollen is the food of young bees. It is considered one of the most nutritious foods of nature, as it contains almost all of the nutrients that man needs.

Golden Greek land has pollen packages of 500gr and 250gr.

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Bee Pollen Fresh 250gr


What you need to know about Bee Pollen Fresh

Pollen is a product that nature offers through plants that bees visit with the following features:
•    Variety in color according to the quantity of mineral salts, moisture and sunshine.
•    Intense and pleasant smell.
•    Variety in taste (acidic, sweet, bitter, salty) depending on the kinds of flower from which it is collected.

Substances of pollen: Fresh pollen contains biological moisture, proteins, amino acids, and carbohydrate fatty acids, vitamins A-B1-B2-B3-B5-B6-B12-C-D-E-H-K-PP, enzymes, co-enzymes and mineral substances. 100gr pollen contains as many amino acids as half a kilo of veal or 7 eggs (35gr a day cover the protein needs of an adult). Fresh bee pollen has as many attributes as needed so as to be featured as a ‘bomb’ food.

Especially recommended in the following cases:
•    Pollen helps mental function, lose of memory
•    It reinforces the contraction of heart
•    It has a diuretic action
•    It increases the resistance of the walls of capillary vessels and minimizes strokes
•    Weigh control
•    Intestinal abnormalities
•    Psychosis, anxiety and neuropathy
•    False metabolism
•    Mild allergies
•    Prostate conditions
•    Improvement of growth of hair
•    Menopause conditions
•    It boosts the control of reproductive system in men and women

Methods of consumption:
•    Whole
•    Mixing with water or juice
•    Mixing with honey (1 portion of pollen – 2 portions of honey)
– Normal dose for adults is 15-20gr/day (approximately 1 table spoon-full) in the morning or on an empty stomach.
– For children it is recommended half dose (tea spoon)
– For worn out organisms: 3gr/day
Pollen can be consumed all year round or in time intervals of 4-6 weeks,, 3-4 times a year.

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